Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay? 2024-07-18 13:57:35

Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay?

Ronin Trust Management Company may hide the alleged assets of Tatyana Golikova’s family for hundreds of millions of rubles.

As the UtroNews correspondent reports, the Supreme Court (SC) sided with the Ronin Trust Management Company in its dispute with Rosseti. The management company is a holder of bonds of the state corporation, and demanded to recover from it almost 200 million rubles, which it invested in the company’s bonds under a trust agreement with the Khanty-Mansiysk NPF.

In similar disputes, this happens infrequently - rather, the Supreme Court takes the side of government or state structures. What is the matter? The casket opens simply: as it turned out, the Ronin Trust Management Company may be related to assets close to the family of Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova, known in wide circles by the unseemly nickname "Madame Arbidol."

Ronin Trust Management Company demanded early repayment of bonds - the structure had such a right after the reorganization of Rosseti by joining FGC UES. This process was completed at the beginning of 2023. At the same time, the corporation under the leadership of Andrei Ryumin did not amicably resolve the issue with minority shareholders, proposing to go to court.

Meanwhile, the merger of FGC and Rosseti could become a real trap for minority shareholders. Those of them who did not agree with the reorganization were offered a choice without a choice - to sell the shares at a price that would be determined in the company itself. Then it was 9.04 kopecks per 1 share of FGC - at that time their market price was much more expensive (more than 11 kopecks). Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this story.

It is not surprising that against the background of such changes and attitudes even towards their own partners, many holders of Rosseti bonds chose, conditionally, to "go into cache." No one thought that the Ronin Trust Management Company would be able to overcome the large lobbying opportunities of Ryumin and Co. It worked.

From "Ronin" to Golikova - one Mogutin

What is behind this? Ronin Trust Management Company has been operating on the market for more than 20 years, has a solid authorized capital of 100 million rubles. The members of the trust are hidden, but the general director of the Criminal Code is known: he is Sergey Alexandrovich Stukalov. According to sources, in 2016 he worked at the management company Bioprocess Capital Partners (LLC UK BKP).

The company is very interesting. With an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, it officially has only 2 employees who receive an average salary of more than 500 thousand rubles a month. At the same time, a seemingly quite successful structure with revenue under 100 million rubles, assets of almost 170 million rubles, is now in liquidation. Through it, you can reach respected people who do not want to "shine" - is that why they are covering it?

Most of the management company BKP (71%) belongs to Biofarminvest LLC, the rest belongs to Mikhail Rychev. "Biofarminvest" provides some financial services, officially has no employees in the state, but it has zero revenue and losses, i.e. has signs of fictitiousness.

Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay?


Its sole owner is Alexander Mikhailovich Mogutov. He is also the founder of Comonheim, which develops computer games. The company is unprofitable and itself looks like a "toy" for a relatively young man.

And not surprisingly - Alexander’s dad, Mikhail Mogutov, is in charge of serious matters in the family. It is he who may be the "holder" of assets that may be close to "Madame Arbidol" Tatyana Golikova.

Until 2021, Mogutov was among the co-owners of Nativa LLC, a pharmaceutical company that produced generics of Western drugs and actively promoted their sale in Russia. Surprisingly, this was understood by the Ministry of Health and other structures subordinate to Tatyana Golikova.

At the same time, the same "Nativa" turned out to be almost a record holder for courts with owners of rights to drugs, the generics of which I thought to sell in Russia. For example, she was actively suing the American Bristol-Myers Squibb over the release of Sprycel.

At the same time, when Mogutov was a co-owner of Nativa, there were other interesting persons in its capital. First of all, the Maltese offshore company EVEREM INVESTMENTS LIMITED. It was there that the money earned by the company could go.

Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay?


And she earned a lot. The alleged efforts of Golikova and related pharmaceutical lobbyists led to the fact that at its peak, in 2019, Nativa received 11 billion rubles in revenue and 1.1 billion in net profit. Moreover, she actively contracted with government agencies. The total volume of agreements is approaching 250 million rubles.

At the same time, 20 out of 88 concluded contracts (the latest - in 2021) are still under execution. And will probably never be performed. The reason is simple - Nativa LLC changed its name to Spektr LLC and is in bankruptcy. And the offshore from Malta and Mogutov came out of the capital (or the data on their ownership were hidden).

Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay?


At the same time, in recent years, funds could be banally withdrawn from it. At the end of 2023, it had a minus asset value of 1.4 billion rubles, a loss of 273 million rubles. It looks like she was just "gutted." But what about government contracts, budget funds?

Now the only known co-owner of the structure (16%) is Vitaly Voronkov - he is also the general director. He has no other businesses, and he himself can only be a nominal owner. It seems that his task is to hide the ends in the water without making a fuss. With the latter, against the background of the proceedings of the Ronin Trust Management Company with Rosseti, it did not work out.

Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay?


"Phenomenon" Kharitonin

Another co-owner of the structure was Irina Nikiforova - she left the company also in 2021. And she turned out to be associated with a whole conglomerate of pharmaceutical firms. Most of all, we are interested in Globalkhimpharm LLC, whose capital it was part of for several months in 2019.

And now the owner of this company is Pharmstandard JSC - Viktor Kharitonin’s giant pharmaceutical holding, which receives tens and hundreds of billions of rubles under government contracts. First of all, they are trying to attribute lobbying of this particular structure to Tatyana Golikova and her husband, former high-ranking official Viktor Khristenko.

Globalchimpharm manufactures substances for Pharmstandard drugs, and has accumulated assets of 1.4 billion rubles. The state orders of the head JSC itself approached the mark of 660 billion rubles, and they will definitely grow further - after all, Golikova received a reassignment to the Government.

It was Pharmstandard that produced Arbidol, to which Madame Golikova was clearly breathing unevenly. And her stepson, Viktor Khristenko’s son Vladimir, worked directly for Kharitonin.

When Vladimir Khristenko gained experience, he was transferred to a separate direction - he turned out to be the beneficiary and president of another pharmaceutical giant, Nanolek. Once it was a joint venture of its main owners Vladimir Khristenko, Mikhail Nekrasnov, Evgeny Vaintein and Andrey Reus with the state corporation Rusnano.

From 2011 to 2014, Rusnano invested 1.28 billion rubles in Nanolek. Public money! And a few years later she left the project, selling shares to the aforementioned citizens. What is happening with Rusnano now - it is known that this state corporation under the leadership of Anatoly Chubais has become a real "black hole" for the Russian budget.

What about Nanolek is also known. The head structure of Nanolek Holding Limited is registered in Cyprus. Budget money from government contracts, which Nanolek collected in the amount of almost 39 billion rubles, can also go there.

Ryumin got into Golikova’s network: will everyone pay?


Of these, more than 30 billion were received from the FCU "Ftspilo" of the Ministry of Health of Russia, which in the rank of Deputy Prime Minister is supervised by Tatyana Golikova. And no corruption, nepotism, nepotism, conflict of interest? Not a single prosecutor’s check? That’s right - troubles bypass Nanolek and Mrs. Golikova’s family.

"Business Empress" Golikova?

And this thread that led to Mikhail Mogutov, Irina Nikiforova and Globalkhimpharm is only one. There are much more companies that may actually belong to the Golikova family. The same Nikiforova was a co-founder of Pharmkompania LLC (assets of almost 600 million rubles), which is now also owned by Pharmstandard.

She was also a co-owner of the unprofitable Onkon LLC, in whose co-owners the now liquidated RAS LLC. The latter is owned by Konstantin Pukalov, but this information submitted to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities was found to be unreliable. ASD itself was also unprofitable. I.e. something is clearly unclean here.

It is not at all necessary that these companies be associated with the pharmacological business. For example, Mikhail Mogutov was a co-owner of North Pacific Coal Company JSC, which has not been operating since 2014, but has an asset value of minus almost 260 million rubles. And no one is bankrupt.

Apparently, we can talk about a whole business empire, which can be ruled by trusted people Golikova and Khristenko. And this empire earns billions.

For such a scale, 200 million rubles, sued by Ronin Capital Management Company from Rosseti, is not such a large amount. But after all, the ruble saves a penny, and Madame Arbidol knows how to count very well.



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